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1. adroplet.com aims to present all its contents to the public for the purpose of advice, information and control of written or verbal information. However, this site does not guarantee or guarantee that the content it publishes is absolutely correct and declares that these contents are for advice, information and control of information.

2. adroplet.com may cooperate with many 3rd party institutions and organizations in various ways in order to use the services and services it offers more effectively. This collaboration; It may be through advertising, sponsorship, permission marketing and other legal commercial methods. Because these methods are reflected in the site content, the user cannot complain.

3. adroplet.com will do its best to ensure the uninterrupted and error-free operation of its services. However, in cases such as technical malfunctions in the systems of service providers providing internet access services, malfunctions in the systems of the third parties with whom it is contracted, system maintenance and force majeure, these site services may also be affected in connection. In such cases, this site will take the necessary measures for the effective functioning of the services, but it does not accept responsibility for service failures and errors that are not directly authorized to intervene.

4. adroplet.com will take the necessary measures to do its best to correct the negativities that may arise in the site due to being attacked by computer and internet hackers. But this site hacking, etc. is not responsible for any material or moral damage to users.

5. adroplet.com undertakes to provide all its content and services free of charge as of the effective date of these terms.

6. adrolet.com can always make unilateral changes on the services it offers in order to provide the best service.

7. The link address http://adroplet.com/?qa=feedback can be used to report the content or contents that are considered to be copyright infringement in the contents of this site. The notification is reviewed and the relevant content is edited by this site or removed completely within 3 business days to eliminate the violation of rights.

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